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Transportation & Auto Tech

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This pathway is designed for students interested in the fields of transportation and automotive development, diagnosis, and repairs. The Transportation and Automotive Technology Pathway ends with an opportunity for students to take courses at IMPACT Institute where they gain hands-on experience while earning credits toward certifications and college degree. This pathway offers dual credits through IVY Tech and Vincennes University.

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Class Schedule


Ben Davis Automotive
Sanderson Automotive
DeKalb County Airport
ACD Museum

College Credit Opportunities

IMPACT Specific Courses
Ag Power, Structures and Technology

Job Opportunities

Truck Diver
Truck Driver Supervisor
Air Traffic Controller
Airline Pilot, Co-Pilot, and Flight Engineers
Automobile Mechanic
Automotive Body Paint and Repair
Automobile Dealer
Automobile Part and Supplies
Automobile Sales
Logistics Analyst and Manager