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Project Lead the Way - Pre-Engineering

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Project Lead the Way (PLTW) is a national pre-engineering program forming partnerships among schools, higher education, and the private sector. The major goal is to increase the quantity and quality of engineers and engineering technologists nationwide. PLTW has developed a four-year sequence of courses which, when combined with college preparatory mathematics and science courses in high school, introduces students to the scope, rigor, and discipline of engineering and engineering technology prior to entering college. Credited courses may count as dual credit and academic honors diploma credits.

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Class Schedule


Partnerships with area businesses exist and will be investigated upon student interest.

College Credit Opportunities

PLTW Courses: IED and POE

Job Opportunities

Industrial Engineer
Mechanical Engineer
Director of Engineering
Operating Engineer
Architectural & CivIl Drafters
Architectual & Engineering Managers
Civil Engineer
Electrical Engineer
Electrical & Electronic Drafters
Electrical & Electronic Engineering Technicians